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Business Tips Inspired By Bulgari Jewels

The name Bulgari brings images of gorgeous women wearing unique jewelry pieces to our minds. Popular women including Jessica Chastain, Naomi Campbell, Sofia Loren, Ingrid Bergman, Gina Lollobrigida, Anita Ekberg, and Elizabeth Taylor were all attracted to Bulgari Jewels.

The History Behind The Name

Bulgari House was founded in 1884 by Sotirio Boulgaris, who was the son of a Greek silversmith. It was in 1900 that he set up his first shop that sold jewels, antiques, silver, and some unique pieces. In 1905, the shop expanded when his sons took over the shop and moved to the popular 10 via dei Condotti shop. It brought them the fame of selling fine jewelry apart from antique silver. Today, the Bulgari house is owned by LVMH Group, owned by Chaumet, Dior, and TAG Heuer.

The Emergence Of Bulgari Style

The revival of Italy after the war was evident in their design expertise. It is mostly seen in Bulgari jewels. Even though Bulgari is into making jewels from the 1920s, the predominant style we see today comes from the 1950s and 60s. Bold and attractive combinations of various coloured stones, gems in cabochon-shape, exquisite smoothness and volume, and simple and beautiful shapes offered exotic and exciting jewellery pieces in a market where traditional designs and Paris-inspired jewellery dominated the market. The new brave and bold look later came to be known as the Bulgari style.

Tips To Learn From Bulgari Business

There are several insights Bulgari business puts forward that will inspire every business. These are the tips they follow to maintain the luxury and success of their brand.

● Build A Unique Identity Before Expanding

The combination and use of colored gemstones is the unique and aesthetic part of Bulgari jewels. The texture and color of these stones resemble the Mediterranean landscape. Even after adding new styles, collections, and techniques, they still maintained their Mediterranean touch and aesthetics.

● Focus On One Thing

It is better to focus on one thing rather than being involved in different things at a time, which does not bring effective results in any of them. Bulgari house focuses on a single thing at a time and tries to do it well. They also follow a collaboration strategy that allows everyone to collaborate with them in events and exhibitions.

● Instant Response To Customers’ Needs

The new collections and styles of the Bulgari jewels did not emerge all of a sudden. They take their own time to reimage and reinterpret their archives to bring a bold shift in their aesthetics and style. They made sure that the combination and selection of materials remained consistent with the aesthetics of their brand so that they could give their customers what they expected along with staying true to their identity.

● Be Prepared

Preparation is important for all business organizations. Bulgari house proves that preparation is inevitable for a healthy and successful business.


They sometimes took even three years to organize an exhibition. Thus, they have taken three years to prepare for an event that lasts for just four months.